Hitty Visits Sun Harvest Citrus

As you may know, I recently moved so I thought I would do a series of posts on my new neighborhood.

As most locals and many Fort Myers tourists will tell you, a good day is one that includes a stop at Sun Harvest Citrus with it’s iconic “Giant Orange”  (also a PokeStop as I recently discovered)

According to their website, SunHarvestCitrus.com, the store has a long-standing family tradition of providing delicious Indian River Florida Citrus to its valued customers.  It began in 1940 when Robert Edsall, Sr. planted his first citrus grove in Vero Beach.

Photo courtesy of SunHarvestCitrus.com

The Sun Harvest Citrus retail store and packinghouse opened in 1990 and offers the family’s delicious Indian River citrus, fresh-squeezed juices, gourmet foods, candies, gifts and more.  The Orange and Vanilla Swirl or Chocolate Key Lime Swirl ice cream cone is a MUST HAVE!

The Big Orange

Buy a Florida Souvenir!

Sun Harvest will ship their delicious Indian River Fruit to you and they serve up free samples daily.  Yummy!

Sun Harvest Ships to you

Juice Samples
More to come as I explore my new neighborhood!

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Hitty Moves to a Condominium!

Moving is hard work!

My adopted humans, Shirley and David, recently sold their house and moved to a retirement community.  That’s right….Shirley is officially retired.  Not sure what that means yet, it’s an ever changing routine at this point.

Since, I live with them, my Hitty sisters and I moved too.

One of the biggest challenges, was deciding what to keep and what to discard since our new place was about half the square footage of our house and we would no longer have the garage.

Even though we downsized our living space, we love the view from our 5th floor condo.

Our view from the 5th Floor

Our pool

Family of ducks on the Golf Course
15 Minute Parking Doesn’t Apply to Rabbits

Lots of wildlife here in our new neighborhood.  We had a nest of Osprey we watched with binoculars and we even have a resident alligator.

After a few trips to Ikea, the sewing room (AKA as dining room) was ready!

Work room

Here I am sorting through my closet.  I just threw everything on the bed so I could try on and decide what to keep or sell.

I am having a moving sale.  You can see it on Shirley’s ebay page Click Here

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Hitty Goes to Jail and Receives a Pardon

I was born in Naples Florida but I doubt if my carver, Gale Lyons, ever imagined that one day I would find myself in jail.  Rest assured, it was not as bad as it sounds.  In fact, it was quite fun!

Deputy Jim was on guard duty the day I went to jail.

The Old Jail in St Augustine, Florida was built by Henry Flagler to resemble a fine hotel.  The Queen Anne style stucco on brick building is on the National Register of Historic Buildings and is the oldest government building in St John’s County.  It is one of the few surviving jails still standing in the state.

Finished in 1891, it housed prisoners for over sixty years.  The original cells could house 72 inmates—men or women.  The facility includes the sheriff’s quarters where he lived with his family and had his office.

A life size replica of one of the most feared sheriff’s in the south, Joe Perry, sits on a bench in front of the jail and another guards the cell block and speaks to you from a raised platform.  He was a big man and when he spoke, I listened.

Photo courtesy of www.augustine.com
I begin my tour with Deputy Jim
Sheriff Perry
The Cells
The Gallows
I am pardoned.  My visit at the Old Jail is complete.  Believe me, I was happy to step outside into the sunshine!  You can learn more about visiting St Augustine at http://www.augustine.com/

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