In Which I View the Tulip Trestle in Solsberry Indiana

On my recent road trip, I took a ride through Southern Indiana to see the Tulip Trestle located near the small community of Solsberry in Greene County.

Tulip Trestle Solsberry Indiana

At 157 feet high and almost a half mile long, the Viaduct is an amazing piece of local history that has been in continuous use since being built over 100 years ago in 1906.  An average of four freight trains a day pass over this trestle with spectacular pastoral views above Richland Creek.  The cost to build was about $250,000.  That would be over 20 million today.  Quite an undertaking!

Observation Deck
Stone Plaque honoring the Greene County Foundation and the Helms Family

The #1504 was the last Steam Locomotive to cross the trestle.  It is a Pacific Type 4-6-2A,  Model P-5-A.  It was built in 1919 and could travel speeds up to 70 miles per hour.  In its heyday, it hauled passenger trains in and out of Florida.  Today it has been restored and can be seen at the Prime Osborn Convention Center  in Jacksonville Florida.

The #1504 Steam Locomotive

The Long View
A view from below
Watch a train cross the Tulip Trestle

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In Which I sleep in the Tower Room of the Old Jail and Sheriff’s Residence

The Old Jail and Sheriff’s Residence has seen its share of willing and not-so-willing guests. My adopted humans and I were more than willing and have looked forward to our stay at the unique bed and breakfast since making our reservation with Rowena several weeks ago.

© Shirley E Childers
Our room was located on the second floor of the tower.  
The Tower Room of the Sheriff’s Residence Bed and Breakfast Bedford Indiana
The Second Floor Landing
The Second Floor Landing

Our hostess prepared a delicious breakfast and invited me to come again

Our yummy breakfast
Me with Rowena, our hostess with the mostess!
The former Lawrence County Jail was constructed in 1904 around an existing brick and stone building dating back to 1857-1859.  The building was designed by architect C.A. Krutsch in a Romanesque Style resembling castles in Southern France.  Local limestone was used.  David Y. Johnson was awarded the construction contract at a cost of  $31,448.

The residence fronts 17th Street while the jail entrance was on J Street.

Photo Credit 

The Stewart Jail Works Co of Cincinnati was contracted to provide the iron works.  Their logo can be seen on many of the cell doors.

The heat is the same hot-water radiator system that was installed in 1904.

The Lawrence County Jail moved to new quarters in 1990 and the old facility was sold to the first of a series of private owners.  The current owners purchased the property in 2005 and began their Bed and Breakfast venture in November 2014.

The historical information was provided by our hostess, Rowena, who is the President of the Lawrence County Museum of History & Edward L. Hutton Research Library.

The top of the tower

Me…feeling extra small

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In Which I visit Spring Mill State Park

Spring Mill State Park turns 100 years old this year.  The park is located just east of Mitchell on Hwy 60 and is one of the most visited attractions in Southern Indiana.

The Gristmill still grinds cornmeal today 
Stone Wheels for Grinding Corn

The park has more than 1,300 acres. Historical treasures include a restored pioneer village that was founded in 1814, a gristmill built in 1817, Spring Mill Inn and the Grissom Memorial.  The Grissom Memorial honors Hoosier astronaut Virgil “Gus” Grissom, one of the seven Mercury astronauts and America’s second man in space. A Nature Center features exhibits on the cultural and natural history

Spring Mill offers recreational amenities including fishing and boating, nature trails, camping, hiking and biking.

Civilian Conservation Corp

The Majority of the village was restored in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corp, also known as the CCC Boys.  My adopted humans, David and Shirley, both had uncles who were members of the CCC and worked at Spring Mill State Park and other projects in Indiana.

One of our first stops was the Weaver’s Shop.  The resident weaver has demonstrated her craft in the Pioneer Village for 37 years.  Her handwoven items are available in the gift shop.

The Weaver’s Shop

I wondered if perhaps one of  my Hoosier ancestors could have been born in the wood shop

The Wood Shop

The Wood Shop

Some photos of my day.

A Doll Head Stove.  Yikes!  Fire is not my friend.

Hitty Size Doll Furniture

The John Allen House

This is a video of the water that flows from a natural spring in Hamer Cave.  It flows over the Mill Dam and powers the Gristmill.

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