Labor Day Flag Raising Ceremony

Our New Flag

Raising the Flag

My little corner of the neighborhood got a new flag.  The residents of my building held a Flag Raising Ceremony to celebrate Labor Day.

After the Flag was raised, we sung “You’re a Grand Old Flag” which was written in 1906 by George M Cohen for the stage musical, George Washington.  The spirited marching song holds the distinction of being the first song from a musical to sell a million copies of sheet music.

After the flag raising, we shared food on the patio.  Happy Labor Day America!

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Happy Birthday Hittygirls!

Today is the 12th Anniversary of the Yahoo Group Hitty Girls! Hittygirls was started by our group owner, Julie, and is the largest online community of Hitty doll lovers.  I have been a member of Hittygirls since 2004.

In 2002, my husband got a new job in a new state.  Instead of looking for another job myself, I started sewing doll clothes again and selling them online  One day I got an inquiry, “Do you sew for Hitty?”

I had never heard of Hitty or read the book, Hitty Her First Hundred Years.   I Googled and researched Hitty and found Hittygirls.  Soon after, I purchased my first Robert Raikes Hitty and that was the beginning for me.

Robert Raikes Hitty Dolls are no longer being made and the only place to buy them now is on the secondary market.  I gave my original Raikes Hitty to my daughter but I still have her sister plus about 25 more!

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