Christmas in Florida 2009

Submitted by Hitty Gale

My name is Hitty Gale. I’m a Florida “Cracker” which is what a native Floridian is called.  I was carved (or born) in Naples, Florida by Gale Lyons.  I came to live in the household of the Sunny State Hitty Dolls a few months ago.

Warm weather at Christmas time is a natural state of affairs to me.  David and Shirley, my adopted humans, did not travel to Indiana for Christmas this year.  I have never seen a White Christmas.  Shirley says it’s beautiful but cold.

Florida residents don’t need snow to celebrate the season.  Not long after Halloween, we begin to see Christmas decorations in the stores and we find ourselves singing along with the Carols and Christmas songs playing in the background.  

The Shell Factory in North Fort Myers
The Shell Factory North Fort Myers

One day, we went to the Shell Factory in North Fort Myers.  This is a popular tourist stop in my area.  It is said to have the largest shell collection in the world.  You can see and learn about shells from around the world in the museum and you can buy shells to take home. 

Shells from around the world are for sale

In the Christmas Shop (open all year around) I met Santa in disguise.  He was taking a short vacation before he had to start Christmas deliveries.

Santa on Vacation

I had my picture taken with a couple of his elves.  They were excited to tell me I was going to get something I would really enjoy for Christmas.  

Santa's Elves

I wonder how they knew I was getting a new bed?  

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