Cinderella’s Castle and Magic Kingdom ~ Hitty’s First Visit

Submitted by Hitty Gale

How I loved Cinderella’s Castle!

Cinderella's Castle Disney Magic Kingdom © Shirley E Childers
Cinderella’s Castle Disney Magic Kingdom © Shirley E Childers

My adopted humans, Shirley and David met their daughter and family for two days of fun and I went along. Hitty Amelia came too and we had a wonderful reunion.  As you know, Hitty Amelia went to Indiana to live and I had not seen her since she left.  We had a wonderful time visiting and catching up on our adventures.

The day began with a check in at our hotel.  I liked how they folded the towels! We all had to put on our sunscreen for the day…it was a warm, sunny day.

I dressed as Snow White for the day but Shirley’s grandson wanted to be a pirate.  At the end of the day, he was one tired pirate! 

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