Fall in Indiana

Submitted by Hitty Gale

Being a Florida Gal, I was a little hesitant when my adopted humans, David and Shirley, decided to go to Indiana during the fall.  I am not accustomed to cold weather.  But I did have my warm sweater dress that my carver, Gale Lyons, knitted for me.  

Hitty Dressed for fall
Dressed for fall in my sweater dress by Gale Lyons

Instead of driving, we flew from Ft Myers to Indianapolis.  I was amazed to see some beautiful fall colors in Indianapolis from my window seat.

Fall colors over Indianapolis

One day, we were out and we saw this beautiful red tree.  You won’t see anything like that in my home state of Florida, although we do have stunning flowers and foliage.  Just different.

Red Maple Trees

While waiting for our flight home, we were entertained by a group of young cowboys who were practising their roping skills.  You had to pretend the luggage was a steer, but they were very good. It was fun to watch!

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