Hitty Amelia’s Lucky Day

Submitted by By Hitty Amelia, a Hoosier Hitty

In which find my very own special clover…

A couple of weeks ago, when Hitty Flora was visiting with Amanda’s parents, we noticed something unusual about the patch of grass growing next to the front stoop– several four leaf clovers! Amanda’s husband Sam found several in just a matter of minutes. Over the next few weeks, my adopted humans found, collected, and pressed into a book many four leaf clovers. I wanted to find one too, so this evening I went on a hunt.

Hitty Amelia in the Clover Patch
Hitty Amelia in the Clover Patch
Hitty Amelia Finds a Four Leaf Clover

Did you know that most believe each leaf of a clover represents something?

1st = Faith, 2nd = Hope, 3rd = Love, 4th = Luck!

Today must be my lucky day! In Ireland, they say each leaf represents a member of the trinity with the fourth leaf representing God’s Grace.

Hitty Amelias Lucky Day
Hitty Amelias Lucky Day

Amanda let me add my clover to the growing collection. I can’t believe we’ve found so many! We even have found a few with FIVE leaves and SIX leaves! Wow!

Hitty Amelia's Four Leaf Clovers
Hitty Amelia’s Four Leaf Clovers

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.” Author unknown

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