Hitty Travels To Indiana

Submitted by Hitty Amelia,  a Hoosier Hitty

Last week one of the Sunny State Hitty Dolls, a Robert Raikes Hitty, moved to Indiana to live with Amanda, the daughter of her adopted humans.

My new Home
Observing my new neighborhood

Here she is soon after she arrived, looking longingly out of the window, wondering about her new adventures in the Hoosier state.

My first road trip in Indiana

Today she traveled to the home of relatives for her very first Easter Egg Hunt!  Stay tuned for more adventures to come.

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  1. Diana Stevens

    I am near Indianapolis. Where in Indiana are you?
    Next april 17th, a Saturday, my Hitties are giving a presentation at the Indiana Bobbin Lacer's meeting, in Danville, IN. We are going to take the gypsy varda my husband designed to show the ladies. The public is welcommed.
    You could come and visit and bring your Hitty to visit!!

    Diana Stevens

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