Hittykin Travels to Bolivia

Submitted by Hitty Gale

Another Sunny State Hitty member is traveling to a new home.

Hitty-Kin #56, created by De Ann Cote in 2007,  is moving to Bolivia to live with Emily, the bosom friend of Amanda (Hitty Amelia’s adopted human)

Amanda and Hitty Amelia felt that Emily should be adopted by a Hitty friend and Hitty-Kin was thrilled to be chosen.

Dressed in the Colors of the Flag of Bolivia
Dressed in the Colors of the Flag of Bolivia
The Sunny State Hitty Dolls say Goodbye

Please wish her well and pray for a safe journey to Santa Cruz.  The postal clerk estimates a journey of ten days.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is Bolivia’s commercial center and the capital city of the Santa Cruz department. It is located on the Pirai River in the tropical lowlands east of the Andes Mountains. Founded by the Spanish in the 1500s, it is a cosmopolitan hub with museums, restaurants and nightclubs.

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  1. Mary…how sweet of you and Hitty Ann. If you can email me at hitty@idressdolls.com I forward it to Emily.

    From what I read about sending packages to Bolivia, duty must be paid on packages weighing more than 4 pounds and with a value of more than $100.

    You can mark it as a gift on the customs form but do not put a value of $0 because it will almost certainly be opened.

    Emily may have more information.

  2. this is just so wonderful Think of the adventures she will have and what a blessing she can be for olthers.
    I beleive we can never do too much to help or honor a missionary who has given up their own agenda to answer Gods call to serve others.

    I would like to help Hitty Emily by having my Hitty Ann go throug her clothing and , bedding and food supplies to maKE UP A mISSIONARY CRATE" which I can ship to her in Bolivia.

    Can you give me an addres to where I can send this care package and let me know if duty will have to be paid on the packet so I can reimbusre the fee to whoever will have to pay it.


    Mary Yates and Hitty Ann Raikes Rock Hill, SC

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