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One beautiful sunny day, I decided to take a walk in the neighborhood of Dean Park, a designated historical district in the city of Ft Myers, Florida.   

Dean Park Historical District Fort Myers Florida

This has been awhile ago.  In fact, it was during the hurricane season of 2004.  I had just moved to Florida and no one had told me about hurricanes!

Sandbags available for the approaching hurricane

At the end of one street, was an area with sand and sandbags to help prepare for the approaching hurricane.  The neighborhood of Dean Park is located near downtown Fort Myers and the mile-wide Caloosahatchee River.   

High Rise on the river

The summer of 2004 had the most hurricanes since 1996.  There were six hurricanes reaching at least Category Three.  Hurricane Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne all impacted the state of Florida.

Hurrricane Charley caused the most damage to our area.  It made landfall in neighboring Charlotte county.  My adopted humans did not want to be here when the hurricane hit, so we packed up the important papers, personal items and ourselves and drove to the Atlantic coast.  

Dean Park was flooded.  This was a few days after the water had gone down some.

When we got home, we found that our neighborhood was flooded.  It was seven days before we had electricity again and it was several months before all the fallen trees and debri was cleaned up.

One of our neighbors was giving Kayak rides.  

One thing I learned from the hurricane was that bad times bring out the good in most people.  The residents of our neighborhood helped each other out.  We worked together to clean up the neighborhood.  As Mr Rogers used to say, “Look for the Helpers”

Look for the helpers

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