In which I choose a name

by Hitty Amelia, a Hoosier Hitty

Choosing a name is a very serious business. I mean, I already have my name, “Hitty,” but all the other Hitty dolls have something more – a name that separates Hitty Flora from Hitty Honeybee from Hitty Olive. What would my name be? As I poured over the internet searching for names, I began to get discouraged. 

My new adoptive mother, Amanda, began to tell me about a doll she had when she was a very little girl. She was called a “Real Baby” and was supposed to be very lifelike. Each real baby came with a book with a list of baby names, so you could find just the right one for your little girl.

Hasbro Real Baby
Valerie Vanessa

Amanda’s mother Shirley (adoptive mother of the Sunny State Hittys) sat down with her and begin to read names. Alice? No. Anna? No. Bethany? No. Shirley read on and on only to be met by rejection at every letter. Sally? No. Taylor? No. Tiffany? Tonya? Uma? Valerie? Vanessa? Victoria? Amanda excitedly sat up and cried, “That’s it, Mommy!” and the real baby had the perfect name. From that day on, Amanda’s real baby was known as “Valerie Vanessa.” Amanda had a birthday party for Valerie Vanessa with a cake and everything. Amanda’s friends and family came and brought gifts to Valerie Vanessa.

Some people might think that that’s a lot of fuss to go through for a doll… but I’m sure YOU understand completely. And picking a name is important, too. I’ve thought about it quite a bit.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart is Amanda’s favorite real-life heroine. She was a traveler and adventurer, like me. So I’m going to borrow her name…

Hi, I’m Hitty Amelia! Nice to meet you!

3 thoughts on “In which I choose a name”

  1. Hitty Amelia,
    Hi, My person had a hard time naming me. She thought and thought and finally looked at me and asked what name I would like.I told her I would like Gertrude. Sometimes we do need to help our person. Hugs and welcome, Hitty Gertrude and my nickname is Hitty Gerty

  2. what a lovely story–and one we can all relate to! Hearing the name of a new Hitty can be very hard. But it sounds like Hitty Amelia has just the right name!!

    thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello Hitty Amelia. I am so happy that you are settling in with your new family in Indiana. Thank you for sharing your story. We really like your new name.

    Hitty Gale and the Sunny State Hitty Dolls

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