In which I learn to book surf

Submitted by Hitty Alice, Adventurer  Extraordinaire

Here are just a few pictures from Emily’s poor camera. I helped her pack up all her books in the classroom, load them onto a cart and stack them in the book room. She had to pack everything else up and move it into the center of the room, so that the maintenance men could repaint the walls.

Then she let me ride on the cart, too. I loved to feel the wind on my face as we traveled down the sidewalk. Emily told me it’s more fun if you put your hands in the air, so I tried that too. She’s right!

If you’ll notice the picture in the background you’ll see what most of Emily’s pictures look like with her old camera. BUT, a friend came today and brought Emily’s new camera with her. So, be ready for more of my adventures real soon! 

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