Olive Pitt and Chester Choose a Home

Submitted by Ann S. and the Bonsai Hittys

You may remember that Olive Pitt and Chester, the retired sailor, were married on Valentine’s Day of this year.  They have just completed decorating their chosen bungalow. The room is one section of a bookcase display.  Foam board was cut to fit the walls and fabric was wrapped around the foam board and taped in place.

Olive Pitt chose a blue and white fabric with a twisted rope pattern to remind Chester of his sea-going days.  She decorated with several nautical items so that Chester would feel very much at home.  Chester admits that he has reached the time in his life when it’s more comfortable to sit at home with his feet resting on his former sea chest than to actually return to sea. 

Olive Pitt has added her own touches.  See if you can find them in the photos!

Read about the WeddingOlive Pitt and Chester reside with the Bonsai Hitty family.  Chester was carved by Wanda Harrigan of Wildhare Studios. Wanda has a Facebook page.  Click Here

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