Sandcastles and Pirates on Ft Myers Beach

Submitted by Hitty Gale

Courtesy of Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce

The 26th Annual American Sand Sculpting Championship drew a big crowd on Ft Myers Beach today.

This is the longest running and the largest sand  sculpting competition in Florida and draws talented participants from around the world.

Over 1000 tons of sand was turned into more than 30 incredible works of art.  The variety of the subjects were inspiring, whimsical and magical. 

 As we were leaving, I was captured by a pirate!  Thankfully, only a photo was required for the ransom.  The pirate, also known as Mike Quinn, is a resident of Fort Myers Beach and a popular subject of photographs. The location of his hideout and his hidden treasure are unknown but, I have no desire to search for it.  I was quite scared to death and happy to be returned to my pocket in Shirley’s purse!

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