Sewing New Dresses on an Old Singer

Submitted by Hitty Gale

When I was packing for my recent road trip, I decided I needed a new dress and asked Shirley to get busy sewing!  

As you know, we recently moved.  (see Hitty Moves to a Condominium)  In our new place, Shirley’s Singer Treadle is prominently located in the dining room.  Seemed like a good idea to give it some use.  We cleaned and oiled it and now it just hums along like it’s brand new…but it isn’t.

Singer model 66-14 oscillating hook sewing machine in a Trestle Model cabinet
1947 Singer Treadle in Original Cabinet

A few years ago, a good friend gave Shirley this machine.  It was purchased new in the cabinet in 1947 for $95. The original receipt is still in a drawer along with the instruction booklet and the attachments.  The friend was the second owner of the machine.

This is a Singer model 66-14 oscillating hook sewing machine in a Trestle Model cabinet.  Some old Singer machines are beautifully decorated with decals and shiny black paint.  This one isn’t.

Some call it the Godzilla machine because of its textured finish.  The clue to the finish is that it was manufactured during WWII when shiny black paint was hard to come by.

Shirley also loves to sew on a Singer 401A Slant Model ZigZag machine which was given to her by the original owner who bought it in 1952 when she graduated from high school and got her first paycheck.  This friend worked at the court house in Alexandria Virginia from high school to retirement.

1952 Singer 401A Sewing Machine
Singer 401A sewing machine

I think I’m going to love my new dresses!  Shirley sewed up a few extras to share.

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