She Lives! I did it!

In which I carve my very first Hitty doll

by Amanda Leahy, adopted human of Hitty Amelia

Some of our faithful readers may recall an earlier post “The Afters meet the Befores” in which Hitty Amelia mentioned that my husband Sam and I were planning on trying woodcarving as a new hobby.  We purchased a beginner’s set of carving knives and a couple of different types of pre-cut Hitty blanks.  We also had an instructional CD from Gale Lyons.

One evening while my toddler son was spending the night with his grandparents and my husband Sam was working 2nd shift, I sat down with my supplies and got started.  After about six hours, I had a very rough Hitty doll carved, VERY sore hands, a few knife wounds, and a floor covered in wood shavings.

Over the next few days, my husband Sam and I worked to get the Hitty finished… final carving and sanding, limbs fitted with pegs, varnishing, painting, etc.  There are a few things about our Hitty #1 that we are not pleased with… she takes a little bit of work to get standing on her own, her hands slightly resemble robot claws, there are parts of her that aren’t very symmetrical… etc.  However, we are so pleased with the final results!  I had never even picked up a carving knife or painted anything until last week!  I had so much fun and think our first Hitty turned out really well.

Sam and I decided to give Hitty #1 to my mom, Shirley, for her birthday present.  I love you mama!  Thank you for supporting this new fun hobby!

Below is an album with photos of our progress through this process.  If you want to see bigger pictures, just click on the pictures below! Enjoy!

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