The Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Submitted by Hitty Gale

The first day of our Indiana vacation, we went to the Children’s Museum in Indinapolis.  Amanda and Sam, the adopted humans of Hitty Amelia, were members and could go as often as they wanted. 

“What was a museum and who would want to be a member?” I wondered silently.  Was it similar to an antique shop?  I know about antique shops.  The “real Hitty” was found in an antique shop and her adventures are chronicled in her book “Hitty, Her First Hundred Years”.

Not quite knowing what to expect, I was placed inside Shirley’s purse along with her camera and her phone.  (We often travel together)

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Shirley and Amanda were anxious to see the Barbie Exhibit that was on loan from Mattel, but the guys were more interested in the race cars and the trains.

I want to see the cars and trains
Childrens Museum Indianapolis Race Cars
Let’s Race
Trains at the Children's Museum
This is fun!

There were some pretty scary things here in this museum….I almost asked to be put back in Shirley’s purse!

Childrens Museum Indianapolis Tyrannosaurus Rex
Cobra at the Children's Museum
Childrens Museum Barbie Exhibit

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