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Submitted by Hitty Alice, Adventurer Extraordinaire

Well, as you can see, while I am having adventure after adventure, it takes me awhile to get ahold of a computer to tell you about them. Also, it’s not always safe to carry a camera around in Santa Cruz. Pickpockets and armed robberies are becoming commonplace and my friend, Emily, doesn’t like to carry anything that will bring her attention.

So, today she was taking her purse and (since she would be with friends) decided to put me and her camera inside! Since school is out for vacation, some of her teacher friends decided to invite Emily to an Argentine Empanada place. Que Delicioso! We had to ride a micro to get there. It was my first time- and I don’t need to tell you that it’s scarier than falling down a rabbit hole.

Riding the Micro in Bolivia
Day Trip on the Micro in Bolivia

Here are a few pictures of the micro and empanada shop.  On the way home, Emily decided it was safe enough for me to peek out of her purse. As we hopped off the micro and walked past the school, I reminded her that you all hadn’t seen the school from the outside. 🙂

Riding the Micro in Bolivia
Riding the Micro in Bolivia
My School
My School

Emily told me the school still needs teachers for next year. Do any of you know someone who wants to give students a quality education that is filled with the love of Christ? I’m sure it’s a great opportunity. I’d try it, but they don’t have any teacher desks that are my size.

The last two pictures I want to give you are from the end of the year. The first is my Director’s shot of SCCLC’s 2nd Semester play, “Twelve Angry Jurors.” The students did an outstanding job! It was the first serious show the kids have done and I was very impressed!

On the set of the school production, the Twelve Angry Jurors
On the set of the school production, The Twelve Angry Jurors

The second pic is from the second semester Garage Sale. People from all over the community rent tables and come buy things. The Sophomore class, which Emily sponsors, sold their bake mixes. I helped. I must say, I had no idea how good of a Sales Hitty I really am!

At the garage sale

Hitty Alice is a resin Hitty-Kin II by doll artist DeAnn Cote of DRC Designs.  She lives with her adopted human, Emily, who is a teacher in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  It is located on the Pirai River in the tropical lowlands east of the Andes Mountains. Founded by the Spanish in the 1500s, today it’s a cosmopolitan hub with museums, restaurants and nightclubs.

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